The University of Nebraska Omaha is the place to be for the 2014 feminist geography conference! The weather should be mild, the airport accommodates international travelers, and the campus is attractive and easy to navigate. Omaha itself is moderately priced and offers variety in accommodation, entertainment, and transportation. In many ways this setting is perfect for the kinds of engaged collegial moments that the organizers hope to foster. Welcome!

Conferees and organizers – many conferees are also conference organizers – have worked tirelessly to craft a schedule quite different from many other academic conferences. Size matters: This one is smaller than many. The pace is slower, with longer breaks for meals, snacks, and conversation than one often finds. The sessions themselves offer ample time for the kinds of thoughtful, loving criticism that permits ideas to flourish. The organizers’ hope is that the conference offers relaxation, energy, and a sort of oasis where feminist geographers’ paths converge for significant interactions over a few days.

CGPCPamela and Karen appreciate Taylor and Francis, Publishers’ interest in offering conferees a specially designed conference reader: Feminisms in Action: Who we are, What we do and How we do it. Pamela and Karen found it very difficult to select articles from over 20 years of Gender, Place and Culture; nonetheless, they did so and invite conferees to engage with it however they wish. Like the feminist geography conference itself, the reader offers myriad possibilities. Read or re-read each or just one selection, dip briefly into the introduction, or select pages at random. Explore.

What can come of an intimate conference of geographers who identify themselves or their work or their interests in some way as feminist? Exchanges among conferees in organized sessions, over meals and in coffee shops, and in passing will give rise to infinite possibilities, brimming with potential.

Safe travels, and, once again – welcome!

Karen Falconer Al-Hindi
On Behalf of the Organizing Committee