Conference Themes/Wrap up session

The organizers set aside time at the end of the conference to discuss what had been going on for the past two and a half days as well as plan for any follow-up events. There were over twenty people  in attendance for the discussion.

We have kept the comments section open for this post. If you have any other suggestions, please contribute to the conversation. If you would like to take the lead on one of these tasks, please let us know – either in the post or by email. As always, if you would prefer to talk to one of the organizers from this conference contact us at


“What do you think the main emergent themes of this conference have been? What would you like to talk more about?”

  • I would like to talk more about the different genealogies of feminist geography/feminisms – sort of an intergenerational conversation
  • I’m interested in who wasn’t here (not people, but subfields of feminist geography) and why – and what we missed in not hearing from them
  • Some of the things we heard about and some of the places where these ideas came from were:
    a. Canada (CAG)
    b. Beyond North American academy
    c. What constitutes “Good enough” feminism? Slow, contingent, embodied, practiced
    d. Ongoing issues of what it means to do feminist scholarship, how to do it, etc
  • How can we do intersectional research?
  • Continue to develop a Repository/Sources for teaching and for pedagogy – build on what exists [Nicole Laliberte has volunteered to take on this task]
  • “Shadow” conference with research papers – possibly post AAG conference?
  • Time for mentoring

Future Plans
“Ideas for future conferences, networks, connections, publications, etc.!”

  • Another conference, but fewer over-lapping sessions, and have it before or after the AAG (or IGU, RGS-IBG, CAG (w/ Suzanne Mackenzie)); subconference of AAG; reaching out locally (lunches, small workshops); possibly the University of North Carolina
  • Pre-conference as a place to recharge with collaboration/creative thinking/sharing of inspiration/sharing of current reading material (e.g. something other/beyond research presentation). Feminist space without duplicating research presentations.
  • Facebook page (closed one, so no trolls allowed) – perhaps coordinate with Fem. Geographers, GPOW?
  • Perhaps every other year for the conference – yes, to prevent conference and organizer burnout, but keep this going!
  • A non-professional-associated group? (Not AAG. Femgeog sub-groups of regional associations)
  • Feminist geography group at NWSA?
  • Address inclusivity and who is not present and why. More males (?) or an intentional female space (?)
  • Collaborative publication ideas…?
  • Summer reading “workshops” and/or intense reading weeks and/or intensive summer course in feminist geography
    a. Theory
    b. Methods
    c. Community research
  • Map of safe spaces for feminist geography; map of feminist geography – the WordPress site?
  • Concrete (micro and macro) ways to change things we don’t like (geog. Disciplinary/broader academic culture) now