Walking Tour Red Light District

Meet at Place de la Paix (metro Place-des-Arts) at 14:15

Sex work, especially in its most visible forms, tends to be recognized as a problem, requiring intervention and eradication. However, for more than a century, The City of Montreal has had a far more nuanced relationship to its Red Light District – exploiting its attractions for tourists and maintaining a quasi-legal zone in order to access information to the city’s underworld. This tour explores the social, economic, cultural, racial and gender history of Montreal through its former Red Light.

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Feminist and antiracist practices in social movements and community action groups in Montreal

Le Rond-Point, Café Autogéré (metro Préfontaine)

*The Rond-Point is fully wheelchair accessible.

Québec is currently facing a social, political and economic conjuncture characterized by austerity policies; increasing collective awareness and greater visibility of the endemic nature of sexual violence against women; and the rise of far-right, identity nationalist, and / or white supremacist groups.

In these troubled times, what are the responses of social movements and local community action groups in Montreal, especially those working with women and immigrants and / or racialized groups and individuals? What specific challenges and issues emerge from this conjecture for these groups? How do spaces in the city of Montreal color their goals, strategies and practices?

This panel brings together women working directly in various community and / or local action groups in Montreal who will reflect on these questions in an informal and friendly format based on sharing a collective reflection.


Marie-Ève Sirard : feminist activist and advocate and counselors to women and children surviving domestic violence

Romina Hernández Gómez: Romina identifies herself as a long time montrealer born in mexico city. She is a latina feminist who is passionate about the multiple intersections between migrantl justice, feminism, independent media and antiracist local struggles in militiantism. Romina dreams about a world without boders or prissions where everyone can be free to move and return; a world where we have smashed capitalism, racism and patriarchy.

TBD : activist in a feminist women and trans only anti-racist and anti-fascist action group.

Rose Laberge : Rose Laberge is an arts teacher and an activist in the education system under the name of Alexandra Laberge. Rose is also active in several intersecting struggles, namely at the Bail committee and in queer activist groups. She is also the co-representative of the committee body, sexuality, image, gender and violence at the Fédération des Femmes du Québec. She is starting a masters in sociology investigating political engagement of women teachers and its entanglement with feminized work and ethics of care.

Organized and facilitated by

Laurence Simard Gagnon (

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