We as the conference organizers are committed to supporting and valuing parents, families and children through provision of a nursing- and child-friendly conference. In order to create an inclusive and caring atmosphere, we offer the conference as a child- and nursing-friendly space.

Holding the conference at the university prevents us from providing on-site childcare. Because we are an unfunded conference, there are no subsidies for childcare expenses. If you are interested in sharing the costs or figuring out reciprocal arrangements with other persons at the conference needing care, please use the  networking page of this website to connect.

All conference activities will take place in the Milo Bail Student Center (MBSC) on the University of Nebraska Omaha Dodge Campus. Primarily, the conference will be on the building’s third floor. There are soft furnishings on either end of the corridor, suitable for relaxing. There will be a dedicated break room for all participants; child-friendly snacks and activities will be available. The break room is unsupervised. Caregivers must attend their child or children, or arrange for supervision in advance.

There is a lactation station for nursing and/or pumping on the building’s first floor. Conferees are welcome to bring infants and children to the conference; all conferees are expected to respect the needs of caregiving and non-caregiving participants as well as children.

Conference participants are asked, and expected, to be tolerant and helpful (when possible) to caregivers and children. This includes: Continuing your remarks or presentation despite mild to moderate interruption; and swapping places, whether you are in the audience or on a panel, with a caregiver in order to accommodate that person’s and child’s needs.

Parents/caregivers are asked, and expected, to consider the child’s needs and to plan ahead. For example, be prepared for more neediness and fussiness than usual. Consider the content of conference sessions. Some may not be suitable for children old enough to understand them. Remove your child from the conference event if s/he becomes disruptive. Disruptive behaviors include:

  • Not remaining seated (on a chair or the floor)
  • Speaking rather than whispering to her/his caregiver
  • Vocalizing (crying, shouting, screeching, etc.) and failing to quiet immediately
  • Drawing more than the passing attention of others

For those who would like to contact a local childcare or daycare provider, we have collated a set possibilities that take drop-ins. We ask that you contact the provider directly and ask about rates, activities, and available spaces.

Childcare Provider Address Phone Number
Atonement Child Care 4530 N 85th St. (402) 572-6917
A Wonderful World Child Care Learning Center Multiple Locations: 156th & Dodge, 88th & Q, 144th & Q, 106th & Fort Main Office: (402) 896-1210