As members of the Feminist Geography Conference planning collective, we abhor the violence that attends legislation like HB2, particularly the disproportionate impact it continues to have on transpeople in North Carolina.

We consider the Feminist Geography conference as one of many spaces being generated across our state to confront the harmful ideas that underpin HB2. However, our decision to host the conference in Chapel Hill will nonetheless have exclusionary consequences for those who do not live here and will not travel here. We fully understand and support anyone who makes the decision not to participate. We have agonized over our circumstance and what it means for this conference.

In the model of the FemGeog conference held in Omaha, we will be using this website to highlight the work of feminist geographers. We will also be posting reflections on the big and small ways that HB2 has already shaped the conference during its planning, and we invite others to contribute to this, perhaps especially those who will not travel to NC.

We are fully committed to exploring the political potential – and limits – of holding the conference here at UNC. We are committed to creating a safe space for trans participants who will join us this year and will continue to update this website with our specific intentions. We are also exploring options for virtual participation in the conference itself, and welcome any ideas that might allow us to coordinate acts of solidarity and support both virtually and in person.