As teachers, scholars, students, and members of vibrant and vulnerable places, we find ourselves struggling with crucial questions, both new and old, about the role of the university and the role of the teacher. In this session, we would like to bring together students, teachers, activists, and others invested in education, in order to develop strategies and tactics to teach in ways that support students who may likewise feel under siege, but also to create spaces where we can talk across difference and reach new kinds of analyses about the ongoing global turn to the right, from the Trump election, to the Modi regime, to Erdogan’s Turkey, to Brexit, and many others. How can we support one another as educators? How can we build solidarity in and outside the classroom, particularly in a political and cultural climate founded in division and exclusion? How can we accomplish these things while also caring for and sustaining ourselves, our friends, our colleagues, and those we love who may be directly affected by policy changes?

We welcome participants with answers, questions, or points of discussion for these topics. We hope to organize this session in a way to encourage audience participation, in-the-room strategizing, and walk away with renewed purpose, dedication, and tools for justice and care.

If you are interested in participating, please email Sara Smith and Banu Gökarıksel, at and by December 10th with one or two sentences about how you would like to contribute.